Protection For Your Home!

Whether it is your House, Condo or Apartment we can help. We represent many of the states finest insurance companies. This allows us the flexibility needed to design solutions tailored to meet the exact needs of each individual or family.

We offer Homeowner’s Protection For:

  • Homeowners
  • Condo Unit Owners
  • Tenants
  • Mobile Homes

Here’s a partial list of common endorsements that most companies can add to your homeowner policy at your request.

  • Scheduled Personal Property (Jewelry or Furs)
  • Scheduled Personal Property (Fine Arts or Antiques)
  • Identity Fraud expense Coverage
  • Earthquake coverage
  • Water Back up coverage
  • Ordinance or Law coverage
  • Home Business

Here’s a partial list of common property exclusions from the ISO Homeowner Form 3 ed.2000. See your policy for the details of each exclusion.

  • Ordinance or Law
  • Earth Movement
  • Water Damage (Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Power Failure
  • War
  • Nuclear Hazard
  • Intentional Loss
  • Governmental Action

Here’s a partial list of common liability exclusions from the ISO Homeowner Form 3 ed 2000. Again, see your specific policy for details of each exclusion.

  • Motor Vehicle Liability
  • Watercraft liability
  • Aircraft Liability
  • Hovercraft Liability
  • Expected of Intended Injury
  • Business
  • Professional Services
  • “Insured’s” Premises not an “insured location”
  • War
  • Communicable disease
  • Sexual Molestation, Corporal Punishment
  • Physical or Mental Abuse
  • Controlled Substance

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